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Privacy Policy


Use of personal information communicated to Comart through this page is only possible in accordance with the conditions arranged in the Privacy Policy section.

Confidentiality Procedure

Information regarding obligations and principles of Comart is given under the title personal information. We, as Comart, hereby confirm that the relevant rules shall be completely fulfilled by our party. In this way, we take all the care for keeping all sorts of information collected by our party with tight security and confidentiality measures taken by our staff in accordance with the personal information collection principles described below. .

Our website contains links to other websites, which prove to be adequately sensitive on confidentiality issue and which comply with our standards. However, Comart cannot be hold responsible for contents or confidentiality applications of the concerned websites.

Personal Information - Collection Procedure

By using our website, you hereby agree that the personal information, which can be acquired through the website, shall be collected and used by Comart.

It is obligatory to provide some personal information, including but not limited to name, surname, address, that varies according to product or service requested.

Failure to provide the information required to carry out your transactions may result in non-fulfillment of the service to be rendered.

Your information may only be used for the following purposes:

- Booking and transaction of your sale and management of your

- Marketing of our services and relevant products

- Creation of connection lists to issue statistics regarding your transactions and to maintain our connection with your party, gathering of commercial statistics and analysis regarding website use.

- Creation of identity, verification and record

- Purposes regarding the articles above and

All the information collected by our party is stored in a secure environment. However, in a case that is directly or indirectly associated with the reason for collecting the information;

- In accordance with the current regulations, rules and arrangements

- As long as terms and conditions remain in force

Data may be communicated to third parties by considering rights, laws and profit/interest of Comart and/or rights, laws and profit/interest of other users of the website.

During and after the communication of data to our party, the information is always kept in accordance with tight security and confidentiality standards. Data entered is kept by our party during your transactions and legal requirements.